∴ Refined Jewelry Care Guide - andJules ∴

∴ andJules makes jewelry to be romanced everyday and timeless enough to be treasured. 

this kind of love often means gold or sterling silver jewels will tarnish naturally based on exposure to oxygen, moisture and oils on the skin; they may also get tiny nicks and/or gentle scratches.

to bring back or maintain your beloved jewels original pretty shine I suggest a wipe down from time to time with a treated polishing cloth or polish pad. if you're not going to be wearing your jewels for an extended period of time then I suggest you clean and dry your pieces and store them in an airtight container or ziploc bag.

your enchanting jewels can be stored over night in any number of dreamy jewelry trays currently on the market, a vintage tin or your mother-in-law/grandmothers heirloom candy dish.

oxidized sterling silver will fade over time giving your piece a beautiful worn patina. if you want it to stay dark/black then I suggest limited, if any interaction with water.

Your jewels are made to last a lifetime and a little care and maintenance will help.

I suggest vous faites the following sans jewels: cleaning with heavy solvents, working out and/or during contact sports.