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step into a world where every moment is infused with romance, elegance and the gentle breeze of freedom. at andJules, our refined jewelry celebrates the essence of the feminine free spirit, where love reigns supreme and dreams take flight in a poetic romance. join the tribe on this journey of love, light and limitless possibilities.

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an ode to the independent and spirited life of Shakespeare's Juliet. passionately living on the impulse of love and dreams in the haze of a poetic romance. her pared down, almost undone style is daring and effortlessly feminine. under the canopy of the moon and stars she stays true to what she wants from life with a romantic bohemian spirit.

refined jewelry a poetic romance

our mission.

our mission is to redefine the bohemian aesthetic with a more relaxed and romantic accessible simplicity. giving our modern free spirit the liberty to stay true to who you are, to live and love in a self expression of whimsical sophistication that is inherently fresh and cool.

stay true to yourself. stay free...

andJules free spirited jewelry

the founder.

 as a hopeless romantic and jewelry designer who is driven by an intense passion for love and all its facets; emotions and feelings play a profound role in my creative process. I have been intrinsically drawn to jewerly my whole life; crafting jewels for my dolls as a kid and then myself and friends during my teens. after marrying and starting a family, I shifted away from crafting jewelry to purchasing jewelry…a lot of jewelry! but it was during the transformative time of just having had my third child that fate would lead me back to the art of jewelry making. as a self taught metalsmith who has immersed myself in the study of traditional techniques, materials and aesthetics, the act of crafting jewelry has become a sacred ritual, allowing me to honour my own journey and leading me to discover my own potential as a jewelry designer. 

now, as I proudly create and share my jewelry with the world, I am reminded of the beautiful transformation that unfolded within me. crafting jewelry has become a powerful symbol of self discovery, resilience and the unwavering commitment to nurture my own passions and dreams alongside those of my family. that is why I believe that jewelry is not just an accessory but a vessel for expressing feelings, memories and aspirations. I have found that while I am captivated by the idea of the power of love, the magic of dreams and the alignment of my truest self; most oftentimes, this also speaks to the romantic nature and self aspirations of my customers. I hope my designs encapsulates the ethereal, whimsical and fantastical aspects of life, inviting the wearer to embark on a journey of wonder, self realisation and expression while celebrating life’s precious moments.       

                                             Xx lisa 

welcome to your poetic romance...