magic in simple luxury

jewels for beachy days, long car rides & dreamy nights

magic in simple luxury...

there's no greater luxury in life than surrounding yourself with the people and things that mean the most to you. allow andjules to indulge you in the luxury of quality meaningful handmade jewelry made specially for you and your loved ones.

andJules muse

andJules jewelry speaks to an urban free spirit with intrinsic style and grace. unique jewelry pieces are used to accentuate your laid-back style and personality. you create your own trends you don't follow them.

feel great about yourself adorned in unique & exclusive pieces
classic and timeless heirlooms to be romanced always
jewels for beachy days, long car rides and dreamy nights


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metal magic

indulge yourself or loved ones with quality materials handmade from start to finish with meticulous care and craftsmanship


about us

handmade jewelry is a new kind of luxury, all andJules pieces are made to order specially for you; adding to the prestige of buying and owning true handmade jewelry



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