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initial necklace and Jules


the initial necklace is having its time in the sun.  just about everyone is wearing this very personal piece of fine jewelry.  for many women purchasing their own jewels, their story often begins with an initial necklace.  this initial necklace then becomes her signature statement piece to which other necklaces are typically layered. 

if you are an and Jules jewel, then you know we love an initial necklace or bracelet around here.  you may even be wearing one or the other or both right now. 


initial necklace shield artisan handmade fine jewelry and Jules


at and Jules we are particularly partial to stamping initials on shields.  we love that they symbolize the ancient and classic symbol of protection and strength.  

so what greater place to put an initial of someone you adore?



gold shield initial necklace fine jewelry and Jules jewelry

our initial tag necklace is also another popular choice for an initial.

modern bohemian initial necklace handmade fine jewelry and Jules

for expecting ladies, new mamas or seasoned moms  the initial necklace is now a cute way to represent her new or growing tribe. 

 bohemian initial necklace handmade fine jewelry and Jules

for the hopeless romantic an initial necklace can represent the intimacy of an intense love affair, a wedding day, honeymoon or special wedding anniversary.

initial necklace wedding gift fine jewelry and Jules

so whether it's the initial of a lover, friend, spouse, kiddos or yourself...the initial choice is yours.

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