dream awake butterfly necklace

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a written note:

the dream awake butterfly pendant necklace is a symbol of transformation, embracing the ephemeral nature of life and the beauty of embracing one’s true self. it serves as a reminder to cherish meaningful moments of grace, to believe in the magic of metamorphosis, and to let your dreams take flight. 

crafted with ethereal grace, this necklace captures the whimsical allure of a butterfly taking flight. fluttering on a fine delicate, super sparkly chain with an adjustable length of 18-20". The length of the chain can be customized to suit personal preferences; either shorter for closer to your heart or longer as a more eye-catching statement. style alone or with other dreamy beauties.


artisan notes

 ⋮ 12mm butterfly charm

 ⋮ made by hand charm

 ⋮ 14k gold filled

 ⋮ 18-20" extended sparkly 14k goldfilled chain

 ⋮ lobster clasp closure

   handmade with love in toronto


what is gold filled?

gold filled is a process where 14k - 18k sheets of solid gold are heat bonded to a base metal of either brass or copper. this process makes gold filled materials stronger, more durable and resistant to tarnishing. gold filled materials have a value of 5% its weight in gold over gold plated materials which have a value of 0.05% of its weight in gold. the life span of gold filled pieces ranges anywhere between 10-30 years with proper care.


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