afternoon stars black and gold beaded necklace

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a  written note:

in the depts of afternoon's embrace, where passion interwines with mystery, the afternoon stars beaded necklace weaves a tale of forbidden love. each ebony bead, like shards of a hidden desire, reflects the enigmatic allure of a late afternoon sky. adorned with gold accents that gleam like stars against a dusk canvas, this necklace exudes an aura of captivating elegance.

let the afternoon stars necklace be the embodiment of a clandestine romance, where darkness and desire intertwine, and hearts beat in sync with the ryhthm of a forbidden love affair. style alone or layer for a sultry effect. 

artisan notes

 ⋮ 3 | 14k gold filled beads

 ⋮ centered gold beads

 ⋮ czech glass beads

 ⋮ hand beaded

 ⋮ length: 28”

 ⋮ slips gracefully over your head

   handmade with love 


what is gold filled?

gold filled is a process where 14k - 18k sheets of solid gold are heat bonded to a base metal of either brass or copper. this process makes gold filled materials stronger, more durable and resistant to tarnishing. gold filled materials have a value of 5% its weight in gold over gold plated materials which have a value of 0.05% of its weight in gold. the life span of gold filled pieces ranges anywhere between 10-30 years with proper care.



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    jewels for effortless layering